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World Bank working papers and publications

1 .Political violence and economic growth
2 .Referendum, response, and consequences for Sudan : the game between juba and khartoum
3 .The World Bank economic review 22 (1)
4 .Riots, coups and civil war : revisiting the greed and grievance debate
5 .Post-conflict aid, real exchange rate adjustment, and catch-up growth
6 .Market access, supplier access, and Africa's manufactured exports : an analysis of the role of geography and institutions
7 .How much war will we see? Estimating the incidence of civil war in 161 countries
8 .External interventions and the duration of civil wars
9 .The World Bank economic review 14 (3)
10 .Can Africa export manufactures? The role of endowment, exchange rates, and transaction costs
11 .Single-equation estimation of the equilibrium real exchange rate
12 .A typology of foreign auction markets in sub-Saharan Africa
13 .A typology of foreign exchange auction markets in sub-Saharan Africa : dynamic models for auction exchange rates
14 .Capital flows and long-term equilibrium real exchange rates in Chile
15 .Bahrain - Managing a nonrenewable resource : savings and exchange-rate policies
16 .Macroeconomic framework for an oil-based economy : the case of Bahrain
17 .Determinants of expatriate workers' remittances in North Africa and Europe
18 .World Bank adjustment lending and economic performance in sub-Saharan Africa in the 1980s : a comparison of early adjusters, late adjusters, and nonadjusters
19 .World Bank adjustment lending and economic performance in sub-Saharan Africa in the 1980s : a comparison with other low income countries
20 .Parallel markets, the foreign exchange auction, and exchange rate unification in Zambia
21 .Macroeconomic management and the black market for foreign exchange in Sudan
22 .Fixed parity of the exchange rate and economic performance in the CFA zone : a comparative study
23 .Real overvaluation, terms of trade shocks, and the cost to agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa
24 .Macroeconomic adjustment to oil shocks and fiscal reform : simulations for Zimbabwe, 1988-1995
25 .Macroeconomic structure and policy in Zimbabwe, analysis and empirical model : 1965-1988

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