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World Bank working papers and publications

1 .Estimating parameters and structural change in CGE models using a Bayesian cross-entropy estimation approach
2 .How significant is Africa's demographic dividend for its future growth and poverty reduction ?
3 .Budget rules and resource booms : a dynamic stochastic general equilibrium analysis
4 .Dutch disease and spending strategies in a resource-rich low-income country - the case of Niger
5 .Stress-testing Africa's recent growth and poverty performance
6 .The World Bank research observer 27 (2)
7 .Assessing the odds of achieving the MDGs
8 .Global monitoring report 2010 : the MDGs after the crisis
9 .The millennium development goals and the road to 2015 : building on progress and responding to crisis
10 .Tax policy to reduce carbon emissions in south Africa
11 .Wage subsidy and labor market flexibility in south Africa
12 .Is Africa's economy at a turning point?
13 .Aid, growth, and real exchange rate dynamics
14 .Economy-wide and distributional impacts of an oil price shock on the south African economy
15 .An Analysis of South Africa's Value Added Tax
16 .Quantifying the fiscal effects of trade reform
17 .Trade liberalization, fiscal adjustment, and exchange rate policy in India
18 .The whys and why nots of export taxation
19 .Policy lessons from a simple open - economy model
20 .Revenue uncertainty and the choice of tax instrument during the transition in Eastern Europe
21 .External shocks, adjustment policies, and investment : illustrations from a forward-looking CGE model of the Philippines

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