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World Bank working papers and publications

1 .Coping with urban fiscal stress around the world
2 .Regulation, renegotiation and capital structure : theory and evidence from Latin American transport concessions
3 .The World Bank and governance : the Bank's efforts to help developing countries build state capacity
4 .The great recession and the future of cities
5 .Annual World Bank conference on development economics global 2010 : lessons from East Asia and the Global financial crisis
6 .Agriculture and development : a brief review of the literature
7 .Development Economics and the International Development Association
8 .Firms operating under infrastructure and credit constraints in developing countries : the case of power generators
9 .Fiscal competition in developing countries : a survey of the theoretical and empirical literature
10 .Universal minimum old age pensions : impact on poverty and fiscal cost in 18 Latin American countries
11 .World Bank policy research : a historical overview
12 .Explaining enterprise performance in developing countries with business climate survey data
13 .Institutional arrangements for public debt management
14 .Taxing capital income in Hungary and the European Union

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