World Bank working papers and publications

1 .Agriculture and the clean development mechanism
2 .Incomplete markets and fertilizer use : evidence from Ethiopia
3 .Resource management and the effects of trade on vulnerable places and people : lessons from six case studies
4 .Will the clean development mechanism mobilize anticipated levels of mitigation ?
5 .Substitution and technological change under carbon cap and trade : lessons from Europe
6 .The performance of Bulgarian food markets during reform
7 .Factors affecting levels of international cooperation in carbon abatement projects
8 .Carbon markets, institutions, policies, and research
9 .Heterogeneous technology and panel data : the case of the agricultural production function
10 .Will markets direct investments under the Kyoto Protocol ?
11 .The World Bank economic review 20 (3)
12 .The World Bank research observer 19 (2)
13 .The environment as a factor of production
14 .Rural development and agricultural growth in Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand
15 .Commodity market reform in Africa : some recent experience
16 .Intersectoral migration in Southeast Asia - evidence from Indonesia, Thailan, and the Philippines
17 .Can financial markets be tapped to help poor people cope with weather risks ?
18 .Determinants of agricultural growth in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand
19 .Agricultural markets and risks - management of the latter, not the former
20 .Do farmers choose to be inefficient? evidence from Bicol, Philippines
21 .Sugar policy and reform
22 .Commodity market reforms : lessons of two decades
23 .A new database on investment and capital for agriculture and manufacturing
24 .The determinants of agricultural production : a cross-country analysis
25 .Agricultural development : issues, evidence, and consequences
26 .Indonesia's palm oil subsector
27 .Policies for coping with price uncertainty for Mexican maize : policies for maize price variability in Mexico
28 .The Indonesian vegetable oils sector : modeling the impact of policy changes