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Lakner-Milanovic (2013) World Panel Income Distribution (LM-WPID)

World Bank working papers and publications

1 .Where on earth is everybody ? the evolution of global bilateral migration 1960-2000
2 .Emigration and democracy
3 .The World Bank economic review 25 (1)
4 .North-south trade-related technology diffusion : virtuous growth cycles in Latin America
5 .Small state regional cooperation, south-south and south-north migration, and international trade
6 .Remittance stability, cyclicality and stabilizing impact in developing countries
7 .International migration, transfers of norms and home country fertility
8 .Measuring skilled migration rates : the case of small states
9 .North-south trade-related technology diffusion, brain drain and productivity growth : are small states different ?
10 .The regional dimension of north-south trade-related R&D spillover
11 .Substitution in Markusen's classic trade and factor movement complementarity models
12 .International migration, remittances, and the brain drain
13 .Brain gain : claims about its size and impact on welfare and growth are greatly exaggerated
14 .North-South technology diffusion, regional integration, and the dynamics of the natural trading partners hypothesis
15 .On the inefficiency of inequality
16 .On the geography of trade : distance is alive and well
17 .On the quantity and quality of knowledge - the impact of openness and foreign research and development on North-North and North-South technology spillovers
18 .Regional integration and technology diffusion : the case of the North America free trade agreement
19 .Regional integration and development
20 .Integration regionale et developpement
21 .Regional integration and development
22 .Regional integration and development
23 .Regional cooperation, and the role of international organizations and regional integration
24 .Trade-related technology diffusion and the dynamics of North-South and South-South integration
25 .Trade policy and labor services : final status options for the West Bank and Gaza
26 .Regional integration and development in small states
27 .Trade policy reform and poverty alleviation
28 .On "indirect" trade-related research and development spillovers
29 .Market presence, contestability, and the terms-of-trade effects of regional integration
30 .Multilateral trade liberalization and political disintegration - implications for the evolution of free trade areas and customs unions
31 .Labor market integration in the presence of social capital
32 .Will the real "natural trading partner" please stand up?
33 .Trade, migration, and welfare : the impact of social capital
34 .Regional groupings among microstates
35 .The World Bank economic review 12(2)
36 .Outsiders and regional trade agreements among small countries : the case of regional markets
37 .Regional integration as diplomacy
38 .South-North migration and trade : a survey
39 .The whys and why nots of export taxation
40 .Small is beautiful : preferential trade agreements and the impact of country size, market share, efficiency, and trade policy
41 .Migration and the skill composition of the labor force : the impact of trade liberalization in developing countries
42 .Aggregate agricultural supply response in developing countries : a survey of selected issues
43 .How trade, aid, and remittances affect international migration
44 .Commodity exports and the adding up problem in developing countries : trade, investment, and lending policy
45 .The World Bank economic review 8(1)
46 .The impact of two tier producer and consumer food pricing in India
47 .Taxes versus quotas : the case of cocoa exports
48 .Commodity exports and real income in Africa
49 .The link between poverty and malnutrition : a household theoretic approach
50 .The World Bank economic review 2(3)

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