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Lakner-Milanovic (2013) World Panel Income Distribution (LM-WPID)

World Bank working papers and publications

1 .Party age and party color : new results on the political economy of redistribution and inequality
2 .Inequality is bad for growth of the poor (but not for that of the rich)
3 .The return of "patrimonial capitalism" : review of Thomas Piketty's capital in the 21st century
4 .Global income distribution : from the fall of the Berlin Wall to the great recession
5 .The inequality possibility frontier : extensions and new applications
6 .Global income inequality by the numbers : in history and now --an overview--
7 .Explaining the demand for sovereignty
8 .Global inequality : from class to location, from proletarians to migrants
9 .Four critiques of the redistribution hypothesis : an assessment
10 .Global inequality and the global inequality extraction ratio: the story of the past two centuries
11 .Global inequality recalculated : the effect of new 2005 PPP estimates on global inequality
12 .Reform and inequality during the transition : an analysis using panel household survey data, 1990-2005
13 .Political alternation as a restraint on investing in influence : evidence from the post-communist transition
14 .Where in the world are you ? Assessing the importance of circumstance and effort in a world of different mean country incomes and (almost) no migration
15 .Measuring ancient inequality
16 .Global income inequality : what it is and why it matters
17 .Half a world : regional inequality in five great federations
18 .Does tariff liberalization increase wage inequality ? - Some empirical evidence
19 .The World Bank economic review 19 (1)
20 .Is inequality in Africa really different?
21 .Income convergence during the disintegration of the world economy, 1919-39
22 .Can we discern the effect of globalization on income distribution? evidence from household budget surveys
23 .Decomposing world income distribution : does the world have a middle class ?
24 .Democracy and income inequality : an empirical analysis
25 .Social transfers and social assistance - an empirical analysis using Latvian household survey data
26 .Dividing the spoils - pensions, privatization, and reform in Russia's transition
27 .Do more unequal countries redistribute more? does the median voter hypothesis hold?
28 .True world income distribution, 1988 and 1993 - first calculations, based on household surveys alone
29 .The World Bank economic review 13 (3)
30 .Change in the perception of the poverty line during times of depression : Russia 1993-96
31 .Poverty and the economic transition : how do changes in economies of scale affect poverty rates for different households?
32 .Explaining the increase in inequality during the transition
33 .Income, inequality, and poverty during the transition from planned to market economy
34 .Nations, conglomerates, and empires : the tradeoff between income and sovereignty
35 .Poverty, inequality, and social policy in transition economies
36 .Transfers and the transition from socialism : key tradeoffs
37 .Determinants of cross-country income inequality : an augmented Kuznets hypothesis
38 .Cash social transfers, direct taxes, and income distribution in late socialism
39 .Social costs of the transition to capitalism : Poland, 1990-91
40 .Eastern Europe and Russian Federation - Distributional impact of cash and in-kind social transfers in Eastern Europe and Russia
41 .Privatization in Eastern and Central Europe : objectives, constraints, and models of divestiture
42 .The World Bank economic review 5(2)
43 .Poverty in Poland : 1978-88
44 .Poverty in Poland, Hungary, and Yugoslavia in the years of crisis, 1978-87

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