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Lakner-Milanovic (2013) World Panel Income Distribution (LM-WPID)

World Bank working papers and publications

1 .Increase in protectionism and its impact on Sri Lanka's performance in global markets
2 .Developing country trade policies and market access issues : 1990-2012
3 .Demand growth versus market share gains : decomposing world manufacturing import growth
4 .Trends in developing country trade 1980-2010
5 .The evolution of agricultural trade flows
6 .Bosnia and Herzegovina's surprising export performance : back to the past in a new veil but will It last ?
7 .China and central and eastern European countries : regional networks, global supply chain, or international competitors?
8 .Integration of markets vs. integration by agreements
9 .Who are the net food importing countries ?
10 .Turkey's evolving trade integration into Pan-European markets
11 .Bulgaria's integration into the Pan-European economy and industrial restructuring
12 .Romania's integration into European markets : implications for sustainability of the current export boom
13 .The World Bank economic review 18 (2)
14 .Export profiles of small landlocked countries : a case study focusing on their implications for Lesotho
15 .Major trade trends in East Asia : what are their implications for regional cooperation and growth
16 .Reducing agrcultural tariffs versus domestic support : what's more important for developing countries?
17 .The World Bank economic review 16 (1)
18 .Antidumping as safeguard policy
19 .Trade and production fragmentation : Central European economies in European Union networks of production and marketing
20 .Eliminating excessive tariffs on exports of least developed countries
21 .Production sharing in East Asia : who does what for whom, and why?
22 .Good governance and trade policy : are they the keys to Africa's global integration and growth?
23 .Distortionary effects of state trading in agriculture : issues for the next round of negotiations
24 .Open economies work better! Did Africa's protectionist policies cause its marginalization in world trade?

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