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World Bank working papers and publications

1 .How should donors respond to resource windfalls in poor countries ? from aid to insurance
2 .Sovereign wealth funds and long-term development finance : risks and opportunities
3 .Development Economics and the International Development Association
4 .What matters to African firms ? the relevance of perceptions data
5 .Improving the dynamics of aid : towards more predictable budget support
6 .The political economy of fiscal policy and economic management in oil exporting countries
7 .Circumstance and choice : the role of initial conditions and policies in transition economies
8 .The World Bank economic review 10(3)
9 .Weltentwicklungsbericht 1996 : vom plan zum markt
10 .World development report 1996 : from plan to market
11 .Informe sobre el desarrollo mundial 1996 : de la planificacion centralizada a la economia de mercado
12 .Rapport sur le developpement dans le monde 1996 : de l'economie planifiee a l'economie de marche
13 .Relatorio sobre o desenvolvimento mundial 1996 : do plano ao mercado
14 .World development report 1996 : from plan to market
15 .World development report 1996 : from plan to market
16 .From plan to market : patterns of transition
17 .Can Communist economies transform incrementally? China's experience
18 .Mongolia - Privatization and system transformation in an isolated economy
19 .Issues in socialist economy reform
20 .Township, village, and private industry in China's economic reform
21 .Trade in banking services : issues for multilateral negotiations
22 .Financial sector reforms in adjustment programs
23 .Lewis through a looking glass : public sector employment, rent-seeking, and economic growth

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