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World Bank Research Dataset

Lakner-Milanovic (2013) World Panel Income Distribution (LM-WPID)
Trade Flows and Trade Disputes dataset

World Bank working papers and publications

1 .The GATT's starting point : tariff levels circa 1947
2 .The empirical landscape of trade policy
3 .Global supply chains and trade policy
4 .What?s left for the WTO ?
5 .Is the WTO passe ?
6 .Trade agreements and enforcement : evidence from WTO dispute settlement
7 .Trade flows and trade disputes
8 .What do we know about preferential trade agreements and temporary trade barriers ?
9 .Trade policy instruments over time
10 .How different are safeguards from antidumping ? evidence from us trade policies toward steel
11 .Emerging economies, trade policy, and macroeconomic shocks
12 .Trade policy flexibilities and Turkey : tariffs, antidumping, safeguards, and WTO dispute settlement
13 .Antidumping and market competition: implications for emerging economies
14 .Emerging economies and the emergence of south-south protectionism
15 .Import protection, business cycles, and exchange rates : evidence from the great recession
16 .Taking stock of antidumping, safeguards, and countervailing duties, 1990-2009
17 .U.S. antidumping: much ado about zeroing
18 .China's export growth and the China safeguard : threats to the world trading system ?
19 .Developing countries and monitoring WTO commitments in response to the global economic crisis
20 .Self-enforcing trade agreements : evidence from time-varying trade policy
21 .Developing countries, dispute settlement, and the advisory centre on WTO law
22 .U.S.-Japan and U.S.-China trade conflict : export growth, reciprocity, and the international trading system
23 .The global resort to antidumping, safeguards, and other trade remedies amidst the economic crisis
24 .Developing countries and enforcement of trade agreements : why dispute settlement is not enough
25 .The World Trade Organization and antidumping in developing countries
26 .Global antidumping database version 1.0
27 .Trade remedies and World Trade Organization dispute settlement : Why are so few challenged?

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