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Daniel Ayalew Ali


DANIEL AYALEW ALI is an economist at the agriculture and rural development unit of the research department of the World Bank. His main research area is applied microeconomics with a focus on Africa and rural issues: property rights, contracts in land and investment incentives, impact evaluation, risk coping and management. He has done extensive research on the impact evaluation of land related projects in Ethiopia, Rwanda, Tanzania, Nigeria and Ghana. He received his PhD in Economics from the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium.

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World Bank working papers and publications

1 .Pronatal property rights over land and fertility outcomes : evidence from a natural experiment in Ethiopia
2 .Using national statistics to increase transparency of large land acquisition : evidence from Ethiopia
3 .Costs and benefits of land fragmentation : evidence from Rwanda
4 .Investigating the gender gap in agricultural productivity : evidence from Uganda
5 .Household responses to shocks in rural Ethiopia : livestock as a buffer stock
6 .The price of empowerment : experimental evidence on land titling in Tanzania
7 .Credit constraints, agricultural productivity, and rural nonfarm participation : evidence from Rwanda
8 .Is there a farm-size productivity relationship in African agriculture ? evidence from Rwanda
9 .Causes and implications of credit rationing in rural Ethiopia : the importance of spatial variation
10 .Environmental and gender impacts of land tenure regularization in Africa : pilot evidence from Rwanda
11 .Productivity effects of land rental markets in Ethiopia : Evidence from a matched tenant-landlord sample
12 .Impacts of land certification on tenure security, investment, and land markets : evidence from Ethiopia
13 .Assessing the functioning of land rental markets in Ethiopia
14 .Property rights in a very poor country : tenure insecurity and investment in Ethiopia
15 .Do overlapping property rights reduce agricultural investment ? evidence from Uganda
16 .Rural land certification in Ethiopia : process, initial impact, and implications for other African countries
17 .Legal knowledge and economic development : the case of land rights in Uganda

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