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World Bank working papers and publications

1 .The impact of vocational training for the unemployed : experimental evidence from Turkey
2 .Entrepreneurship training and self-employment among university graduates : evidence from a randomized trial in Tunisia
3 .Explaining local manufacturing growth in Chile : the advantages of sectoral diversity
4 .Investment in job training : why are SMES lagging so much behind ?
5 .Openness and technological innovation in East Asia : have they increased the demand for skills ?
6 .Mandated benefits, employment, and inequality in a dual economy
7 .Jump-starting self-employment ? Evidence among welfare participants in Argentina
8 .Openness and technological innovations in developing countries : evidence from firm-level surveys
9 .The return to firm investment in human capital
10 .Enforcement of labor regulation, informal labor, and firm performance
11 .Local economic structure and growth
12 .The labor market effects of foreign-owned firms

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