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Jed Friedman

Senior Economist

JED FRIEDMAN is a senior economist in the Development Research Group (Poverty Team). His research interests include the measurement of poverty dynamics and the interactions between poverty and health. He is currently involved in assessing the socio-economic impact of the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami as well as the efficacy of aid programs in response to the disaster. He is also investigating the determinants of health behavior change, especially as it relates to the adoption of low-cost and efficacious health technologies. Pilot studies will soon be underway in India and Zambia. Jed holds a B.A. from Stanford University and a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Michigan. Before joining the World Bank in 2003 as a Young Professional, Jed worked in the Labor and Population Program of the RAND Corporation.

The author's works below are drawn from the World Bank's institutional archives. You can also download other documents by this author.

World Bank working papers and publications

1 .Productivity and health : alternative productivity estimates using physical activity
2 .Child schooling and child work in the presence of a partial education subsidy
3 .Decomposing response errors in food consumption measurement : implications for survey design from a survey experiment in Tanzania
4 .Health information, treatment, and worker productivity : experimental evidence from malaria testing and treatment among Nigerian sugarcane cutters
5 .Does involvement of local NGOs enhance public service delivery ? cautionary evidence from a Malaria-prevention evaluation in India
6 .Strengthening Malaria service delivery through supportive supervision and community mobilization in an endemic Indian setting : an evaluation of nested delivery models
7 .The challenge of measuring hunger
8 .What does variation in survey design reveal about the nature of measurement errors in household consumption ?
9 .Impact evaluation of school feeding programs in Lao PDR
10 .Methods of household consumption measurement through surveys : experimental results from Tanzania
11 .The World Bank economic review 23 (3)
12 .How many more infants are likely to die in Africa as a result of the global financial crisis ?
13 .The World Bank economic review 23 (1)
14 .Development, modernization, and son preference in fertility decisions
15 .Mental health patterns and consequences : results from survey data in five developing countries
16 .Psychological health before, during, and after an economic crisis : results from Indonesia, 1993 - 2000
17 .Infant mortality over the business cycle in the developing world
18 .The World Bank economic review 16 (3)

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