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World Bank working papers and publications

1 .Expediting trade : impact evaluation of an in-house clearance program
2 .The role of imports for exporter performance in Peru
3 .Exporter behavior, country size and stage of development : evidence from the exporter dynamics database
4 .Product standards and firms? export decisions
5 .Evaluating aid for trade : a survey of recent studies
6 .Micro dynamics of Turkey's export boom in the 2000s
7 .Export entrepreneurship and trade structure in Latin America during good and bad times
8 .Are the benefits of export support durable ? evidence from Tunisia
9 .Learning from the experiments that never happened : lessons from trying to conduct randomized evaluations of matching grant programs in Africa
10 .Exporter dynamics database
11 .The risks of innovation : are innovating firms less likely to die ?
12 .Together we stand ? agglomeration in Indian manufacturing
13 .Explaining local manufacturing growth in Chile : the advantages of sectoral diversity
14 .Impact evaluation of trade interventions : paving the way
15 .The World Bank economic review 24 (1)
16 .Does tougher import competition foster product quality upgrading ?
17 .Professional services and development : a study of Mozambique
18 .Foreign direct investment in services and manufacturing productivity growth: evidence for Chile
19 .Technology adoption and the investment climate : firm-level evidence for Eastern Europe and Central Asia
20 .Firm Productivity in Bangladesh Manufacturing Industries
21 .Openness and technological innovations in developing countries : evidence from firm-level surveys
22 .Learning-by-doing, learning-by-exporting, and productivity : evidence from Colombia
23 .International economic activities and the demand for skilled labor: evidence from Brazil and China
24 .Trade policy, trade volumes, and plant-level productivity in Colombian manufacturing industries

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