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World Bank working papers and publications

1 .Which firms create the most jobs in developing countries ? evidence from Tunisia
2 .Deals and delays : firm-level evidence on corruption and policy implementation times
3 .Episodes of unemployment reduction in rich, middle-income, and transition economies
4 .All in the family : state capture in Tunisia
5 .Export superstars
6 .Exporter dynamics database
7 .Export entrepreneurs : evidence from Peru
8 .Regional trade agreements
9 .What constrains Africa's exports ?
10 .The trade response to global downturns : historical evidence
11 .The ASEAN free trade agreement : impact on trade flows and external trade barriers
12 .Does regionalism affect trade liberalization toward non-members ?
13 .Export surges : the power of a competitive currency
14 .The anatomy of China's export growth
15 .Trading on time
16 .Remittances : transaction costs, determinants, and informal flows
17 .Loss aversion and trade policy
18 .On the conservation of distance in international trade
19 .Trade, regulations, and growth
20 .Reciprocity in free trade agreements
21 .Which firms do foreigners buy : evidence from the Republic of Korea
22 .Disintegration and trade flows : evidence from the Former Soviet Union
23 .Raising household energy prices in Poland : who gains? who loses?

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