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World Bank working papers and publications

1 .Inheritance law reform, empowerment, and human capital accumulation : second-generation effects from India
2 .Does sharecropping affect productivity and long-term investment ? evidence from West Bengal's tenancy reforms
3 .Moving off the farm: Land institutions to facilitate structural transformation and agricultural productivity growth in China
4 .Does female reservation affect long-term political outcomes ? Evidence from rural India
5 .Land reforms, poverty reduction, and economic growth : evidence from India
6 .Land rental markets in the process of rural structural transformation : productivity and equity impacts in China
7 .Securing property rights in transition: lessons from implementation of China's rural land contracting law
8 .Determinants and consequences of land sales market participation : panel evidence from India
9 .Efficiency and equity impacts of rural land rental restrictions : evidence from India
10 .Land sales and rental markets in transition - evidence from rural Viet Nam
11 .Market and non-market transfers of land in Ethiopia - implications for efficiency, equity, and non-farm development
12 .Tenure security and land-related investment - evidence from Ethiopia
13 .Land rental markets as an alternative to government reallocation? equity and efficiency considerations in the Chinese land tenure system
14 .The impact of property rights on households' investment, risk coping, and policy preferences : evidence from China

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