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Senior Economist

HIAU LOOI KEE is a SeniorᅠEconomist with the Trade Team ofᅠthe World Bank Research Department.ᅠ Sheᅠjoined the World Bank as a Young Professional in September 2000, after receiving her Ph.D. in economics from the University of California at Davis.ᅠ Her research focuses on trade, productivity and growth.ᅠ Her current projects include studying FDI, rules of origins andᅠfirm productivity in Bangladesh's garment sector and a large scale estimations of import demand elasticities and trade restrictiveness indexes of countries.ᅠ The latter contributes to the Global Monitoring Reports.ᅠ She has worked on trade and investment issues in Cambodia, Mongolia, Bangladesh, Mexico, and her homeland, Malaysia.ᅠShe has a M. Soc. Sci. in economics from the National University of Singapore, and a B.A. from the National Taiwan University.

Contact: Hiau Looi Kee

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