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Deposit Insurance around the World: A Comprehensive Database
Policies and Institutions that Promote Saving: module 1 (National saving)

World Bank working papers and publications

1 .Domestic value added in exports: theory and firm evidence from China
2 .Firm heterogeneity and costly trade: a new estimation strategy and policy experiments
3 .Local intermediate inputs and the shared supplier spillovers of foreign direct investment
4 .The effects of domestic climate change measures on international competitiveness
5 .Is protectionism on the rise ? assessing national trade policies during the crisis of 2008
6 .Estimating trade restrictiveness indices
7 .A model on knowledge and endogenous growth
8 .Import demand elasticities and trade distortions
9 .Export variety and country productivity
10 .Trade, capital accumulation, and structural unemployment : An empirical study of the Singapore economy
11 .On the measurement of product variety in trade
12 .Market access for sale: Latin America's lobbying for U.S. tariff preferences
13 .Imports, entry, and competition law as market disciplines
14 .Productivity in endowments : sectoral evidence for Hong Kong's aggregate growth
15 .Markups, returns to scale, and productivity : a case study of Singapore's manufacturing sector
16 .Productivity versus endowments - a study of Singapore's sectoral growth, 1974-92
17 .Markups, entry regulation, and trade - Does country size matter?

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