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Deposit Insurance around the World: A Comprehensive Database
Policies and Institutions that Promote Saving: module 1 (National saving)

World Bank working papers and publications

1 .The fiscal cost of weak governance : evidence from teacher absence in India
2 .Quality and accountability in healthcare delivery : audit evidence from primary care providers in India
3 .Delivering education : a pragmatic framework for improving education in low-income countries
4 .Report cards : the impact of providing school and child test scores on educational markets
5 .Conducting ethical economic research: complications from the field
6 .The impact of recall periods on reported morbidity and health seeking behavior
7 .Students today, teachers tomorrow ? identifying constraints on the provision of Education
8 .Main report
9 .School inputs, household substitution, and test scores
10 .A practical comparison of the bivariate probit and linear IV estimators
11 .Overview
12 .In aid we trust : hearts and minds and the Pakistan earthquake of 2005
13 .U.S. and them : the geography of academic research
14 .What did you do all day ? maternal education and child outcomes
15 .Do value-added estimates add value ? accounting for learning dynamics
16 .The World Bank economic review 23 (1)
17 .India shining and Bharat drowning: comparing two Indian states to the worldwide distribution in mathematics achievement
18 .Mental health patterns and consequences : results from survey data in five developing countries
19 .The quality of medical advice in low-income countries
20 .Patient satisfaction, doctor effort, and interview location : evidence from Paraguay
21 .A dime a day : the possibilities and limits of private schooling in Pakistan
22 .Learning levels and gaps in Pakistan
23 .Money for nothing : the dire straits of medical practice in Delhi, India
24 .Teacher shocks and student learning : evidence from Zambia
25 .The World Bank research observer 20 (1)
26 .Religious school enrollment in Pakistan : a look at the data
27 .Which doctor? Combining vignettes and item response to measure doctor quality
28 .Conditional cash transfers and the equity-efficiency debate
29 .Equity in educational expenditures : can government subsidies help?
30 .Strained mercy : The quality of medical care in Delhi
31 .When can school inputs improve test scores?
32 .Short but not sweet - new evidence on short duration morbidities from India

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