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World Bank Research Dataset

Deposit Insurance around the World: A Comprehensive Database
Policies and Institutions that Promote Saving: module 1 (National saving)

World Bank working papers and publications

1 .Access to finance and job growth : firm-level evidence across developing countries
2 .The impact of the global financial crisis on firms' capital structure
3 .Foreign bank subsidiaries' default risk during the global crisis : what factors help insulate affiliates from their parents ?
4 .The impact of credit information sharing reforms on firm financing?
5 .International remittances and financial inclusion in Sub-Saharan Africa
6 .Emerging issues in financial development : lessons from Latin America
7 .Dissecting foreign bank lending behavior during the 2008-2009 crisis
8 .Collateral registries for movable assets : does their introduction spur firms' access to bank finance ?
9 .Bank regulation and supervision around the world : a crisis update
10 .The foundations of financial inclusion : understanding ownership and use of formal accounts
11 .Bank ownership and lending patterns during the 2008-2009 financial crisis : evidence from Latin America and Eastern Europe
12 .How firms use domestic and international corporate bond markets
13 .How bank competition affects firms' access to finance
14 .Remittances and financial inclusion : evidence from El Salvador
15 .The World Bank economic review 25 (1)
16 .A framework for analyzing competition in the banking sector : an application to the case of Jordan
17 .Banking sector competition in Russia
18 .Foreign bank participation in developing countries : what do we know about the drivers and consequences of this phenomenon?
19 .Bank competition in the Middle East and northern Africa region
20 .What explains stock markets' vulnerability to the 2007-2008 crisis ?
21 .What explains the cost of remittances ? an examination across 119 country corridors
22 .Remittances and banking sector breadth and depth : evidence from Mexico
23 .Drivers and obstacles to banking SMEs : the role of competition and the institutional framework
24 .Bank financing for smes around the world : drivers, obstacles, business models, and lending practices
25 .Bank involvement with SMEs : beyond relationship lending
26 .Foreign bank acquisitions and outreach : evidence from Mexico
27 .The World Bank economic review 22 (3)
28 .Foreign bank participation and crises in developing countries
29 .Banking services for everyone ? Barriers to bank access and use around the world
30 .Do workers' remittances promote financial development ?
31 .Bank ownership type and banking relationships
32 .How banks go abroad : branches or subsidiaries ?
33 .Reaching out : access to and use of banking services across countries
34 .The mix of international banks' foreign claims : determinants and implications
35 .Firm financing in India: recent trends and factors
36 .Market discipline under systemic risk - evidence from bank runs in emerging economies
37 .How foreign participation and market concentration impact bank spreads : evidence from Latin America
38 .The World Bank research observer 18 (1)
39 .Banking on foreigners : the behavior of international Bank lending to Latin America, 1985-2000
40 .Bank lending to small businesses in Latin America : does Bank origin matter?
41 .Does foreign bank penetration reduce access to credit in developing countries " evidence from asking borrowers
42 .Foreign bank entry - experience, implications for developing countries, and agenda for further research
43 .Banking crises and exchange rate regimes - Is there a link?
44 .The impact of banking crises on money demand and price stability
45 .A regime - switching approach to studying speculative attacks : focus on European Monetary System crises
46 .Do depositors punish banks for "bad" behavior? : market discipline in Argentina, Chile, and Mexico
47 .Factors that affect short-term commercial bank lending to developing countries

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