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Toolkit for Informality Scenario Analysis
Lakner-Milanovic (2013) World Panel Income Distribution (LM-WPID)

World Bank working papers and publications

1 .Wealth gradients in early childhood cognitive development in five Latin American countries
2 .The World Bank economic review 23 (3)
3 .How many more infants are likely to die in Africa as a result of the global financial crisis ?
4 .The World Bank research observer 24 (2)
5 .Are there diminishing returns to transfer size in conditional cash transfers ?
6 .Own and sibling effects of conditional cash transfer programs : theory and evidence from Cambodia
7 .School enrollment, selection and test scores
8 .Cash transfers, behavioral changes, and cognitive development in early childhood : evidence from a randomized experiment
9 .Development, modernization, and son preference in fertility decisions
10 .Aggregate economic shocks, child schooling and child health
11 .Poverty alleviation and child labor
12 .The impact of cash transfers on school enrollment : evidence from Ecuador
13 .Infant mortality over the business cycle in the developing world
14 .Are cash transfers made to women spent like other sources of income?
15 .Does money matter ? The effects of cash transfers on child health and development in rural Ecuador
16 .Cash transfers, conditions, school enrollment, and child work : evidence from a randomized experiment in Ecuador
17 .Getting girls into school : evidence from a scholarship program in Cambodia
18 .Early childhood development in Latin America and the Caribbean
19 .Cognitive development among young children in Ecuador : the roles of wealth, health and parenting
20 .The World Bank economic review 19 (2)
21 .The World Bank economic review 18 (3)
22 .Child health and the 1988-92 economic crisis in Peru
23 .Off and running? Technology, trade and the rising demand for skilled workers in Latin America
24 .Trade liberalization and labor market adjustment in Brazil
25 .The (positive) effect of macroeconomic crises on the schooling and employment decisions of children in a middle-income country
26 .The World Bank economic review 16 (2)
27 .Who participates : the supply of volunteer labor and the distribution of government programs in rural Peru
28 .Convexity and sheepskin effects in the human capital earnings function : recent evidence for Filipino men
29 .Picking the poor : indicators for geographic targeting in Peru
30 .Seeking votes - the political economy of expenditures by the Peruvian Social Fund (FONCODES), 1991-95

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