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Deposit Insurance around the World: A Comprehensive Database
Policies and Institutions that Promote Saving: module 1 (National saving)

World Bank working papers and publications

1 .Flies without borders : lessons from Chennai on improving India's municipal public health services
2 .?Missing girls? in the south Caucasus countries : trends, possible causes, and policy options
3 .The World Bank research observer 29 (1)
4 .The World Bank economic review 28 (2)
5 .Population, poverty, and climate change
6 .Multisectoral preventive health services in Sri Lanka : lessons for developing countries in providing public goods in health
7 .Violent conflict and gender inequality : an overview
8 .Population, poverty, and sustainable development : a review of the evidence
9 .China's marriage market and upcoming challenges for elderly men
10 .Family systems, political systems, and Asia's 'missing girls' : the construction of son preference and its unraveling
11 .How might India's public health systems be strengthened ?
12 .The World Bank economic review 23 (3)
13 .How to improve public health systems : lessons from Tamil Nadu
14 .How can donors help build global public goods in health ?
15 .Is there an incipient turnaround in Asia's "missing girls" phenomenon ?
16 .The political economy of village sanitation in south India : capture or poor information ?
17 .Does Hepatitis B infection or son preference explain the bulk of gender imbalance in China ? : a review of the evidence
18 .Why is son preference declining in South Korea ? the role of development and public policy, and the implications for China and India
19 .Public health in India : an overview
20 .Improving child nutrition outcomes in India : can the integrated child development services be more effective?
21 .India's public health system - how well does it function at the National level?
22 .Public management and essential public health functions
23 .Governance of communicable disease control services : a case study and lessons from India
24 .Why is son preference so persistent in East and South Asia? a cross-country study of China, India, and the Republic of Korea
25 .Informe sobre el desarrollo mundial 2000/2001 : lucha contra la pobreza
26 .Rapport sur le developpement dans le monde 2000/2001 : combattre la pauvrete
27 .Relatorio sobre o desenvolvimento mundial 2000/2001 : luta contra a pobreza
28 .World development report 2000/2001 : attacking poverty
29 .World development report 2000/2001 : attacking poverty
30 .State policies and women's autonomy in China, India, and the Republic of Korea, 1950-2000 : lessons from contrasting experiences
31 .State-community synergies in development : laying the basis for collective action
32 .World development report 2000/2001 : attacking poverty - overview
33 .World development report 2000/2001 : attacking poverty - overview
34 .World development report 2000/2001 : attacking poverty
35 .World development report 2000/2001 : attacking poverty
36 .Rapport sur le d�veloppement dans le monde 2000-2001 : combattre la pauvret� - abr�g�
37 .Informe sobre el desarrollo mundial 2000-2001 : lucha contra la pobreza - panorama general
38 .Gender bias in China, the Republic of Korea, and India 1920-90 - effects of war, famine, and fertility decline
39 .Liberte, egalite, fraternite : exploring the role of governance in fertility decline
40 .Lifeboat ethics versus corporate ethics - social and demographic implications of stem and joint families

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