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World Bank working papers and publications

1 .Economic structural change as an option for mitigating the impacts of climate change
2 .Can improved biomass cookstoves contribute to REDD+ in low-income countries ? evidence from a controlled cooking test trial with randomized behavioral treatments
3 .How much could South Asia benefit from regional electricity cooperation and trade ?
4 .Cross-border electricity cooperation in South Asia
5 .Community managed forest groups and preferences for REDD+ contract attributes: a choice experiment survey of communities in Nepal
6 .Preferences for REDD+ contract attributes in low-income countries : a choice experiment in Ethiopia
7 .The need for multiple types of information to inform climate change assessment
8 .Climate change, industrial transformation, and "development traps"
9 .Factors influencing energy intensity in four Chinese industries
10 .Technological learning, energy efficiency, and CO2 emissions in China's energy intensive industries
11 .Green Growth : an exploratory review
12 ."green stimulus," economic recovery, and long-term sustainable development
13 .Contrasting future paths for an evolving global climate regime
14 .Responding to threats of climate change mega-catastrophes

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