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Lakner-Milanovic (2013) World Panel Income Distribution (LM-WPID)

World Bank working papers and publications

1 .Can minimum wages close the gender wage gap ? evidence from Indonesia
2 .Deals and delays : firm-level evidence on corruption and policy implementation times
3 .Strengthening economic rights and women's occupational choice : the impact of reforming Ethiopia's family law
4 .Women's legal rights over 50 years : progress, stagnation or regression ?
5 .Women's legal rights over 50 years : what is the impact of reform ?
6 .Do crises catalyze creative destruction ? firm-level evidence from Indonesia
7 .Ladies first ? firm-level evidence on the labor impacts of the East Asian crisis
8 .Does expanding health insurance beyond formal-sector workers encourage informality ? measuring the impact of Mexico's Seguro Popular
9 .How business is done and the 'doing business' indicators : the investment climate when firms have climate control
10 .Deals versus rules : policy implementation uncertainty and why firms hate it
11 .The impact of the investment climate on employment growth : does Sub-Saharan Africa mirror other low-income regions ?
12 .Creative destruction and policy reforms : changing productivity effects of firm turnover in Moroccan manufacturing
13 .Mind the neighbors : the impact of productivity and location on firm turnover
14 .Who survives ? the impact of corruption, competition and property rights across firms
15 .Comparing Apples with....Apples : how to make (more) sense of subjective rankings of constraints to business
16 .Big constraints to small firms' growth ? business environment and employment growth across firms
17 .Relatorio sobre o desenvolvimento mundial 2005 : um melhor clima de investimento para todos
18 .Rapport sur le developpement dans le monde 2005 : un meilleur climat de l'investissement pour tous
19 .World development report 2005: a better investment climate for everyone
20 .Investment climate and international integration
21 .Informe sobre el desarrollo Mundial 2005 : un mejor clima de inversion para todos
22 .World development report 2005 : a better investment climate for everyone
23 .World development report 2005: a better investment climate for everyone
24 .World development report 2005: a better investment climate for everyone
25 .World development report 2005: a better investment climate for everyone
26 .Do bilateral investment treaties attract foreign direct investment? Only a bit - and they could bite
27 .Firm-level survey provides data on Asia's corporate crisis and recovery
28 .The World Bank research observer 15 (1)

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