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World Bank working papers and publications

1 .Housing finance across countries : new data and analysis
2 .Banking in Africa
3 .Benchmarking financial systems : introducing the financial possibility frontier
4 .Lending concentration, bank performance and systemic risk : exploring cross-country variation
5 .Is small beautiful ? financial structure, size and access to finance
6 .Gender and finance in Sub-Saharan Africa : are women disadvantaged ?
7 .The World Bank economic review 25 (1)
8 .Banking sector stability, efficiency, and outreach in Kenya
9 .Islamic vs. conventional banking : business model, efficiency and stability
10 .Mortgage finance in central and eastern Europe -- opportunity or burden ?
11 .What explains the cost of remittances ? an examination across 119 country corridors
12 .Finance in Africa - Achievements and Challenges
13 .Financial institutions and markets across countries and over time - data and analysis
14 .The World Bank research observer 24 (1)
15 .Bank financing for smes around the world : drivers, obstacles, business models, and lending practices
16 .The typology of partial credit guarantee funds around the world
17 .Who gets the credit ? and does it matter ? household vs. firm lending across countries
18 .Bank competition and financial stability : friends or foes ?
19 .Benchmarking financial development
20 .The econometrics of finance and growth
21 .Foreign bank acquisitions and outreach : evidence from Mexico
22 .The World Bank economic review 22 (3)
23 .Big bad banks ? the impact of U.S. branch deregulation on income distribution
24 .Banking services for everyone ? Barriers to bank access and use around the world
25 .Bank efficiency, ownership, and market structure : why are interest spreads so high in Uganda ?
26 .The basic analytics of access to financial services
27 .Creating a more efficient financial system : challenges for Bangladesh
28 .Resolution of failed banks by deposit insurers : cross-country evidence
29 .Creating an efficient financial system : challenges in a global economy
30 .Creating an efficient financial system : challenges in a global economy
31 .Reaching out : access to and use of banking services across countries
32 .Institution building and growth in transition economies
33 .State bank transformation in Brazil - choices and consequences
34 .Bank privatization and performance - emprical evidence from Nigeria
35 .Finance, firm size, and growth
36 .Structural issues in the Kenyan financial system: improving competition and access
37 .Finance, inequality, and poverty: cross-country evidence
38 .The determinants of financing obstacles
39 .Law and firms' access to finance
40 .Small and medium enterprises, growth, and poverty : cross-country evidence
41 .Legal institutions and financial development
42 .Small and medium enterprises across the globe : a new database
43 .Bank concentration and crises
44 .Bank supervision and corporate finance
45 .The incentive-compatible design of deposit insurance and bank failure resolution : concepts and country studies
46 .Bank competition, financing obstacles, and access to credit
47 .Financial and legal institutions and firm size
48 .The World Bank economic review 17 (1)
49 .Financing patterns around the world : the role of institutions
50 .Law and finance : why does legal origin matter?
51 .Determinants of life insurance consumption across countries
52 .Financial and legal constraints to firm growth - Does size matter?
53 .Financial intermediary development and growth volatility : do intermediaries dampen or magnify shocks?
54 .Stock markets, banks, and growth : correlation or causality?
55 .Financial development and international trade : is there a link?
56 .Financial dependence and international trade
57 .Law, politics, and finance
58 .Deposit insurance as private club - Is Germany a model?
59 .The World Bank economic review 15 (1)
60 .The World Bank economic review 14 (3)
61 .Financial structure and economic development - firm, industry, and country evidence
62 .Impediments to the development and efficiency of financial intermediation in Brazil
63 .New firm formation and industry growth - does having a market- or bank-based system matter?
64 .New tools and new tests in comparative political economy - the database of political institutions
65 .A new database on financial development and structure
66 .Finance and the sources of growth
67 .Financial intermediation and growth : Causality and causes

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