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World Bank working papers and publications

1 .Inequality of opportunity and economic growth : a cross-country analysis
2 .Opportunity-sensitive poverty measurement
3 .Economic mobility and the rise of the Latin American middle class
4 .Inequality of opportunity, income inequality and economic mobility : some international comparisons
5 .Economic mobility and the rise of the Latin American middle class
6 .Multidimensional poverty analysis: Looking for a middle ground
7 .The measurement of educational inequality : achievement and opportunity
8 .Rising food prices and household welfare : evidence from Brazil in 2008
9 .Is there a metropolitan bias ? the inverse relationship between poverty and city size in selected developing countries
10 .Distributions in motion: economic growth, inequality, and poverty dynamics
11 .Social protection in Latin America : achievements and limitations
12 .Measuring inequality of opportunity with imperfect data : the case of Turkey
13 .The World Bank research observer 24 (2)
14 .Own and sibling effects of conditional cash transfer programs : theory and evidence from Cambodia
15 .Aggregate economic shocks, child schooling and child health
16 .The measurement of inequality of opportunity : theory and an application to Latin America
17 .Global poverty and inequality : a review of the evidence
18 .Poverty reduction without economic growth ? explaining Brazil's poverty dynamics, 1985-2004
19 .Trade liberalization, employment flows, and wage inequality in Brazil
20 .Informe sobre el desarrollo mundial 2006 : Equidad y desarrollo
21 .Local inequality and project choice : theory and evidence from Ecuador
22 .The rise and fall of Brazilian inequality, 1981-2004
23 .Inequality of opportunity and economic development
24 .World development report 2006 : equity and development
25 .World development report 2006 : equity and development
26 .World development report 2006 : equity and development
27 .World development report 2006 : equity and development
28 .Rapport sur le developpement dans le 2006 : equite et developpement
29 .The microeconomics of income distribution dynamics: in East Asia and Latin America
30 .Can the distributional impacts of macroeconomic shocks be predicted? A comparison of the performance of macro-micro models with historical data for Brazil
31 .Inequality of outcomes and inequality of opportunities in Brazil
32 .Policy options for meeting the Millennium Development Goals in Brazil : can micro-simulations help?
33 .The World Bank economic review 17 (2)
34 .Ex-ante evaluation of conditional cash transfer programs: the case of bolsa escola
35 .Beyond Oaxaca-Blinder : accounting for differences in household income distributions across countries
36 .The slippery slope : explaining the increase in extreme poverty in urban Brazil, 1976-96
37 .Calm after the storms : income distribution in Chile, 1987-94
38 .Economic transition and the distributions of income and wealth

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