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World Bank working papers and publications

1 .Leveraging land to enable urban transformation : lessons from global experience
2 .Shelter from the storm -- but disconnected from jobs : lessons from urban South Africa on the importance of coordinating housing and transport policies
3 .Density and disasters: economics of urban hazard risk
4 .Explaining high transport costs within Malawi - bad roads or lack of trucking competition ?
5 .Identifying spatial efficiency-equity tradeoffs in territorial development policies : evidence from Uganda
6 .Connecting lagging and leading regions : the role of labor mobility
7 .Informe sobre el desarrollo mundial 2009 : una nueva geografia economica
8 .Rapport sur le developpement dans le monde 2009 : repenser la geopraphie economique
9 .World development report 2009 : reshaping economic geography
10 .World development report 2009 : reshaping economic geography
11 .Valuing access to water - a spatial hedonic approach applied to Indian cities
12 .Urbanization and productivity : evidence from Turkish provinces over the period 1980-2000
13 .Assessing benefits of slum upgrading programs in second-best settings
14 .Rural-urban migration in developing countries : a survey of theoretical predictions and empirical findings
15 .What are public services worth, and to whom ? Non-parametric estimation of capitalization in Pune
16 .Regional subsidies and industrial prospects of lagging regions
17 .Determinants of city growth in Brazil
18 .Examining the growth patterns of Brazilian cities
19 .Urban poverty and transport : the case of Mumbai
20 .Business environment, clustering, and industry location : evidence from Indian cities
21 .The impact of business environment and economic geography on plant-level productivity : an analysis of Indian industry
22 .Household savings and residential mobility in informal settlements
23 .Agglomeration, transport, and regional development in Indonesia
24 .Economic geography : real or hype?
25 .Location and welfare in cities: impacts of policy interventions on the urban poor
26 .Are you satisfied? citizen feedback and delivery of urban services
27 .Diversity matters - the economic geography of industry location in India
28 .Metropolitan industrial clusters ; patterns and processes
29 .Location, concentration, and performance of economic activity in Brazil
30 .Information-based instruments for improved urban management
31 .Economic structure, productivity, and infrastructure quality in southern Mexico
32 .Tenure, Divesity, and commitment - community participation for urban service provision
33 ."Learning by dining" : informal networks and productivity in Mexican industry
34 .Agglomeration economies and productivity in Indian industry
35 .Policy reform, economic growth, and the digital divide - an econometric analysis
36 .Perspectives on the sources of heterogeneity in Indian industry
37 .Valuing water for Chinese industries : a marginal productivity assessment

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