Berk Ozler

Senior Economist

BERK OZLER is an economist in the Development Research Group, Poverty Cluster. He received his B.Sc. in Mathematics from Bosphorous University in 1991, and his Ph.D in Economics from Cornell University in 2001. He is currently running two large experimental impact evaluation programs in Malawi and Tanzania. He is interested in the efficient design of cash transfer programs.

The author's works below are drawn from the World Bank's institutional archives. You can also download other documents by this author.  You can view his CV here.

World Bank working papers and publications

1 .Cash or condition ? evidence from a randomized cash transfer program
2 .Designing cost-effective cash transfer programs to boost schooling among young women in Sub-Saharan Africa
3 .The short-term impacts of a schooling conditional cash transfer program on the sexual behavior of young women
4 .Informe sobre el desarrollo mundial 2006 : Equidad y desarrollo
5 .Local inequality and project choice : theory and evidence from Ecuador
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7 .World development report 2006 : equity and development
8 .World development report 2006 : equity and development
9 .World development report 2006 : equity and development
10 .Re-interpreting sub-group inequality decompositions
11 .The World Bank research observer 20 (1)
12 .Poverty alleviation through geographic targeting : how much does disaggregation help?
13 .The World Bank economic review 18 (3)
14 .On the unequal inequality of poor communities
15 .Conditional cash transfers and the equity-efficiency debate
16 .Crime and local inequality in South Africa