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World Bank Research Dataset

Lakner-Milanovic (2013) World Panel Income Distribution (LM-WPID)
Trade Flows and Trade Disputes dataset

World Bank working papers and publications

1 .Out of school and out of work: a diagnostic of ninis in Latin America
2 .The decision to invest in child quality over quantity : household size and household investment in education in Vietnam
3 .Making services work : indicators, assessments, and benchmarking of the quality and governance of public service delivery in the human development sectors
4 .Crossing the threshold : an analysis of IBRD graduation policy
5 .The global financial crisis and development thinking
6 .Aid quality and donor rankings
7 .International aid and financial crises in donor countries
8 .No more cutting class ? reducing teacher absence and providing incentives for performance
9 .How to interpret the growing phenomenon of private tutoring : human capital deepening, inequality increasing, or waste of resources ?
10 .Distributional effects of educational improvements :are we using the wrong model ?

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