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Deniz Anginer


DENIZ ANGINER is a Financial Economist in the Development Research Group at the World Bank. His research focuses on liquidity and credit risk in capital markets and the banking sector. Prior to coming to the Bank, he worked as a consultant for Oliver Wyman in their New York office advising financial institutions on risk strategy. He holds a Ph.D. in Finance from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan.

The list below is of World Bank working papers and publications. You can also see (and in some cases download) other publications by this author.

World Bank Research Dataset

Deposit Insurance around the World: A Comprehensive Database
Policies and Institutions that Promote Saving: module 1 (National saving)

World Bank working papers and publications

1 .Do individual investors ignore transaction costs ?
2 .Foreign bank subsidiaries' default risk during the global crisis : what factors help insulate affiliates from their parents ?
3 .Corporate governance and bank insolvency risk : international evidence
4 .Bank capital and systemic stability
5 .Emerging issues in financial development : lessons from Latin America
6 .How does corporate governance affect bank capitalization strategies ?
7 .How does deposit insurance affect bank risk ? evidence from the recent crisis
8 .How does bank competition affect systemic stability ?
9 .Risk absorption by the state: when is it good public policy ?
10 .Has the global banking system become more fragile over time ?
11 .The Chrysler effect : the impact of the Chrysler bailout on borrowing costs
12 .Liquidity clienteles : transaction costs and investment decisions of individual investors
13 .Is there a distress risk anomaly ? pricing of systematic default risk in the cross section of equity returns

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