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Ha Minh Nguyen


HA MINH NGUYEN is an Economist in the Macroeconomics and Growth Team of the Development Research Group. He joined the Bank in July 2009 as a Young Economist after earning a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Maryland, College Park. He also holds a M.A. and B.A. in economics from The University of Adelaide, Australia. His research interests include International Finance, Macroeconomics, Economic Growth, Development, and Computational Economics.

The list below is of World Bank working papers and publications. You can also see (and in some cases download) other publications by this author.

World Bank Research Dataset

Deposit Insurance around the World: A Comprehensive Database
Policies and Institutions that Promote Saving: module 1 (National saving)

World Bank working papers and publications

1 .Resource misallocation and productivity gaps in Malaysia
2 .Impact of U.S. market access on local labor markets in Vietnam
3 .Employment multipliers over the business cycle
4 .Impact of oil price fluctuations on financial markets since 2014
5 .Resource misallocation in Turkey
6 .Euro currency risk and the geography of debt flows to peripheral European monetary union members
7 .Unemployment and mortality : evidence from the great recession
8 .The great recession and job loss spillovers : impact of tradable employment shocks on supporting services
9 .Demand-driven propagation : evidence from the great recession
10 .Do capital inflows boost growth in developing countries ? evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa
11 .Institutions and firms' return to innovation : evidence from the world bank enterprise survey
12 .Demand collapse or credit crunch to firms ? evidence from the world bank's financial crisis survey in Eastern Europe
13 .Does the minimum wage affect employment ? evidence from the manufacturing sector in Indonesia
14 .Correcting real exchange rate misalignment : conceptual and practical issues
15 .The cross-country magnitude and determinants of collateral borrowing
16 .Consumption baskets and currency choice in international borrowing
17 .Credit constraints and the north-south transmission of crises
18 .Global imbalances before and after the global crisis
19 .Valuation effects with transitory and trend productivity shocks

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