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Road Show Tentative Calendar

World Development Report 2012: Gender Equality and Development

Note: This calendar is subject to adjustments.
Additional dissemination events in 2012 may be held. Calendar will be updated accordingly.
Please contact Ana Maria M. Boudet at: for details.

Date and Country

January 12: Mexico City, Mexico
January 17: Bogota, Colombia
January 31: Stockholm, Sweden
March 8: Brasilia, Brazil
March 13–15: Global Conference of Women in Agriculture, New Delhi, India
March 20: Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
March 22: Ottawa, Canada
March 24: Honiara, Solomon Islands
March 27: Suva, Fiji
October 10: Pretoria, South Africa
October 10–12: Tunis, Tunisia
October 12–13: Delhi, India
October 13–14: Paris, France
October 14: Dhaka, Bangladesh
October 18: Ramallah, West Bank & Gaza
October 18–19: Rome, Italy
October 19–20: Amman, Jordan
October 22–23: Cairo, Egypt
October 25–26: The Hague, Netherlands
October 26–27: Istanbul, Turkey
November 3: Harvard Kennedy School, Cambridge, Massachusetts, US
November 7: Lima, Peru
November 9: Santiago, Chile
November 9: Kigali, Rwanda
November 10-11: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
November 14: Quito, Ecuador
November 21: Geneva, Switzerland
November 22: Berne, Switzerland
November 21–22: Dakar, Senegal
November 23–24: London, UK
November 28: Oslo, Norway
November 30: Brussels, Belgium
November 30: Berlin, Germany
December 1: Madrid, Spain
December 14: Vienna, Austria
December 15–16: Hanoi, Vietnam
December 15: Warsaw, Poland
December 15–16: Hanoi, Vietnam
December 19–20: Jakarta, Indonesia
December 21: Tokyo, Japan

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