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WDR 2012 Online Outreach Survey

Thank you for choosing to download the World Development Report 2012. We are assessing the effectiveness of our online outreach efforts, and request you to take a brief multiple choice survey.

Information gathered will be used only for World Bank analytical purposes.

If you agree to respond to the survey, please answer the questions below.

Please state the type of organization you belong to. 
How did you hear about the World Development Report 2012 on Gender Equality and Development?  
Did you visit other webpages on the World Development Report 2012 Website?   
If yes, did the Website help you understand the main messages of the Report?  
What are the main three parts of the report?

  Taking stock
Conceptual Framework
Policy Recommendations
Global Action

How many policy recommendations are being proposed in the report?


Did the website interest you to download the report?  


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