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Background Papers

  • Commissioned Papers
  • Country Case Studies
  • Working Papers
  • Gender and common property resources, Sushenjit Bandyopadhyay, Urvashi Narain, Limin Wang
  • Migration: An international overview of migrant stocks and flows, Caglar Ozden (DECRG)
  • Critical literature review of impacts of gender differentiated access to justice/enforcement of rights and evaluation of policy responses, LEGVP/J4P
  • Literature review on domestic violence, SDV team
  • Labor market transitions among men and women, Bil Maloney (WB, DEC) and Mariano Bosch (Univ Alicante)
  • Gender impact of trade openness in DR and CAFTA countries, Samuel Freije and Maurizio Bussolo (LAC PREM)
  • Gender impacts of climate change, Emmanuel Skoufias (WB, PRMPR)
  • Critical (literature) review on gender-differentiated access to pension and other insurance mechanisms, WB, HD anchor
  • Indonesia: Education and occupational segregation, John Gilles (DECRG)
  • Gender, agriculture and rural development, ARD team
  • (Determinants of) gender differentials in ownership of and access to assets, Kathleen Beegle, Markus Goldstein and Nina Rosas
  • Gender and agricultural productivity, Andre Croppenstedt (FAO), Markus Goldstein and Nina Rosas
  • The Role of Law and Justice in Achieving Gender Equality, by Rea Abada Chiongson, Deval Desai, Teresa Marchiori, and Michael Woolcock
  • Social Influences on Gender Equity in Access to and Benefits from Energy, by Joy Clancy, Magi Matinga, Sheila Oparaocha, and Tanja Winther
  • Gender and Rural Non-farm Entrepreneurship, by Rita Costa and Bob Rijkers
  • Trends and Socioeconomic Gradients in Adult Mortality around the Developing World, by Damien de Walque and Deon Filmer

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