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OECD DAC Poverty Network, Paris

World Development Report 2006: Equity and Development

April 14, 2005
Paris, France

The DAC Poverty Network session combined presentations of the World Bank's Operationalizing Pro-Poor Growth (OPPG) study and the WDR 2006. 

J-M Chataigner from Agence Francaise du Development (a partner with DfID, Germany, and the World Bank in the OPPG study) presented early results on the OPPG work from the February workshop.  The brief discussion that followed was partly on the  evidence (how much does Zambia, that had declining GDP and inequality, drive the result of a positive relationship b/w growth and inequality) and partly on operational implications.  Some participants expressed the hope that the study will produce a brief summary of clear recommendations for donors, such as: "In Africa, get out of water supply and support transport" (a la Sachs).  Others resist such an approach.  But there is a widespread sense that more clarity is needed on causal links—not just correlations—between policies and inequality.

Marta Menendez and Giovanna Prennushi presented the WDR 2006.  Participants liked the message; the emphasis on 'equity' (broader than income inequality) and on the distribution of power as a key determinant of the distribution of outcomes resonates with people.  Questions were raised on:
-- what will the report say about changing social norms that are inequitable (such as women not allowed out of the home);
-- how will the WDR be operationalized in the Bank—what the process will be whereby it will affect Country Assistance Strategies and other operational activities.


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