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External Gender Consultative Group, Washington DC

World Development Report 2006: Equity and Development

November 10, 2004 
Washington, D.C.

The WDR 2006 team welcomed the opportunity to discuss initial ideas for the report with the External Gender Consultative Group. All WDR team members who were present thought it was a very useful and productive discussion and felt that the feedback received from members of the Group was quite positive. While many participants indicated that they would like to see the team go further in our treatment of gender as a cross-cutting issue, most also said they felt the team was moving in the right direction. They noted that the team had made considerable progress in incorporating a gender-based perspective since the drafting of the original outline.  The team plans to further absorb the constructive comments received. An analysis of the worldwide distribution of years of schooling broken down by gender is already underway. Similar efforts will be made for life expectancy at birth, following a perceptive remark on the male specificity of the LEB declines in ECA. A team member is following up to obtain data on women's share in leadership positions in politics and the private sector. Perhaps more importantly, the team will make sure that the policy discussion in the final part of the report pays due attention to relevant gender specificities.

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