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World Development Report 2013: Jobs

About the 2013 World Development Report on Jobs

The 2013 World Development Report on Jobs will help explain and analyze the connection between jobs and important dimensions of economic and social development. The Report will provide analytical tools to identify the obstacles to sustained job creation and examine differences in the nature of jobs, which in turn affects the potential of jobs to raise living standards, increase aggregate productivity, and enhance social cohesion.

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Jobs are Transformational

  • Living Standards
    Jobs are critical not only for providing earnings to lift households out of poverty but also for raising living standards and enhancing identity, even happiness.
  • Social Cohesion
    Jobs are what we do and they connect us with others. They can shape societies by influencing individual and collective values and beliefs.
  • Productivity Gains
    Made through job creation, destruction, and reallocations within and across sectors, and countries—matter for growth.

What We Are Reading

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The Coming Jobs War

Jim Clifton

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The Economics of Imperfect Labor Markets

Tito Boeri and Jan van Ours

Making Globalization Socially Sustainable

Making Globalization Socially Sustainable

World Trade Organization and International Labour Office

Jobs Knowledge Platform

As part of broader consultation efforts, the 2013 WDR team will gather perspectives and opinions through the new Jobs Knowledge Platform (, live in February, 2012) to inform the direction the Report takes. Learn more. (77 KB pdf).

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