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Managing Risk for Development: Share Your Thoughts

WDR 2014: Risk and Opportunity: Managing Risk for Development

Stories We Have Heard

We collected stories on this Website until May 31, 2013 on how people confronted risks, and turn them into opportunities. We share below some of the submissions.

  • Protect equally and fairly all parts of society. This will be the basis of a real social contract between citizens and government.
  • I've been unemployed for four years, I can't find a job because I only finished high school. Companies don't want to train people like me.
  • I work with suppliers from the Far East. The risk is transferring funds to a company or person you have never met or even done business with before.
    —United Kingdom
  • I work in the wind energy sector, and in my country, all wind turbine components are imported. The distance between ports and wind farms can be in excess of 800km. The different state and federal road laws relating to transporting over-dimensional equipment cause conflict and risk.
    —Business Woman, Australia
  • The main risk I face is unemployment due to political instability and a weak governance system.
    —Teacher, Nepal
  • Being a single mother and caring for two adolescents in a country without security for its citizens is one of the daily risks that I face.
    —Government Employee, El Salvador
  • There was a time I used to walk to work everyday. The route I had to take was risky, and many people were victims of robbery and physical abuse.
    —Teacher, Kenya
  • Everyday I have to fight for a contract of 3.5 or 6 months since I have no job security, health service, or dignified retirement.
  • Without a political godfather, it is impossible to access state university education, social housing, or social benefit.
    —Teacher, Colombia
  • I believe that through education, I have the chance for success in the future. So, take the risk!
    —Student, Indonesia
  • The main risk I face is not having a professional accredited degree, as such I cannot move forward as a professional.
    —Community Member, Peru
  • We have to manage our own risk. Even villagers I have worked with had no faith that our dreams will come true.
    —Teacher, India
  • Choosing to not pay bribes has led to the destruction of my family life, enormous mental & physical torture, disturbance in professional life, and disruption in my daughter's education.

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