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Trade Research Newsletter

The World Bank Trade Research Newsletter includes the latest research findings; research in the news; special features on workshops and conferences; upcoming events; and a list of new working papers and recent publications.

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Spring 2017

  • Operational support to the Cities Flagship Report, Economic Analysis of the Syrian Civil War and Madagascar Customs Reform.
  • New publications on transit migration, domestic value added in exports, tariff evasion and beggar-thy neighbor effects of exchange rates.
  • Media coverage of our work, including in the Economist, Financial Times and Wall Street Journal.

Winter-Spring 2016

  • New publications by the DECTI team, including in the American Economic Review and the Journal of International Economics
  • Media coverage of our work, including in the Guardian and the Economist
  • Release of the Exporter Dynamics Database 2.0 which now covers 70 countries
  • Speeches by staff at major forums.

Summer-Fall 2015

Winter-Spring 2015

Winter-Spring 2014

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