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Trade, Firm-Level Productivity and Dynamics

  • Ana Margarida Fernandes

    • Fuel Prices and Export Competitiveness in Africa - Analysis of the relationship between an oil prices increase and export competitiveness in Africa.
    • Sources of Growth from Emerging Sectors - Comparative analysis of exporter performance in the agricultural and textile sectors in Peru vis-à-vis exporters in other Latin American countries.
    • Export Competitiveness in Senegal - Comparative analysis of exporter dynamics (entry, exit and survival) and export competitiveness in Senegal vis-à-vis other countries inside and outside the African region.

  • Hiau Looi Kee

    • Rising domestic value added in Chinese processing trade.
    • Bangladeshi’ garment firm productivity and the shared supplier spillovers of FDI.
    • Nepal Firm Productivity Analysis.
    • Firms’ Performances in the Services Sector - Analysis of the investment climate in Malaysia and firms’ performance.
    • Performance of the Services Sector in Penang - Evaluation of firms’ productivity in the business support services sector in Penang, Malaysia.
    • Analysis of the positive relationship between export variety and aggregate productivity in some East Asian countries.

  • Paulo S.R. Bastos

    • Export diversification in LAC - Comparative analysis of the dynamics of export diversification across products and markets in LAC countries.
    • Export performance in Portugal - Explored the role of the specialization pattern, international competition and relative price changes in driving export performance in Portugal.

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