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Trade, Labor Markets and Poverty

  • Erhan Artuc

    • A Mapping of Labor Mobility Costs in the Developing World - Analysis of sectoral relocation of workers driven by wage differentials. Simulation of trade policy shocks and their affects on labor markets. This is a comparative study of many developing countries using the United Nations International Development Organization data.
    • Trade Shocks and Labor Mobility: A Structural Analysis of Four Developing Countries - Analysis of the adjustment of workers to trade shocks and the effects of these on short run and long run wages, and on the transition of labor between sectors. This project utilizes labor market surveys. Countries analyzed: Turkey, Indonesia, Mexico and Morocco.
    • Analysis of recent labor mobility trends in Costa Rica (within and out of the formal sectors) using social security records.

  • Caglar Ozden

    • ASEAN skilled labor market integration - Assessment of potential impact of the forthcoming ASEAN labor mobility agreement that will cover various high-skilled professions. In addition to economic analysis, policy experiences of other regional labor mobility agreements are discussed as part of capacity building exercises.
    • Minimum wage legislation and migration patterns - As part of the recent minimum wage legislation in Malaysia, explores how the emigration policies should be redesigned and how the labor markets will respond.
    • Knowledge economy, emigration and labor markets in Malaysia - Detailed analytical work to identify the role of extensive mostly unskilled emigration to Malaysia on technological innovation, productivity and human capital decisions of natives in Malaysia. An interesting part of the project is re-design of several household and firm level surveys to capture these issues.
    • Migration of the Highly Skilled - Leveraging Migration for Africa - Identifies patterns of high skilled immigration from and within Sub Saharan Africa, explores economic implications and presents policy recommendations.
    • Migration of Physicians in Sub Saharan Africa - Presents the most up-to-date evidence on the regional and global immigration of physicians from the region; discusses the economic and healthcare delivery implications and the policy options.
    • Migration and Demographic Divergence between South Asia and the West - Explores how the liberalization of labor mobility restrictions would benefit both South Asia and the West as their demographic patterns are diverging.
    • Migration and Remittances - Services Revolution in South Asia - Presents how the immigration of both low and high skilled workers from South Asia can be viewed within the services exports revolution in the region and identifies the poverty and growth implications.

  • Paulo S. R. Bastos 

    • Labor market impacts of globalization - Examined the effects of tariff cuts and exchange rate movements on labor market outcomes in Chile. Analyzed the impact of real exchange rate movements on collective bargaining in Portugal.
    • Lisbon strategy for growth and jobs: Progress Report of Portugal - Assessed the design and implementation of product and labor market reforms, and explored their implications for cost competitiveness and export performance.

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