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Trade Policy Monitoring and Measurement


  • Hiau Looi Kee

    • Estimation of the Ad Valorem Equivalent of Non -Tariff Barriers for a set of 24 countries.
    • Study of OTRI and MA-OTRI for MENA countries - Results featured in "Anatomy of non-oil export growth in the Middle East and North Africa region: What is constraining MENA ’s non-oil export expansion?"
    • Study of OTRI and MA-OTRI for East Africa Community during the period 2005-2008.
    • G20 trade policy analysis
    • Provided input into GMR, which included a new index, TRI and estimates of the associated deadweight loss of countries.  Provided estimates of the loss of trade from OTRI figures for a wide range of countries.
    • Organized learning courses and led a course on the trade restrictiveness index for the PREM/DEC learning program
    • Developed a teaching module on global trade flows and trade restrictiveness for the WBI-Columbia trade course

  • Aaditya Mattoo

    • From Competition at Home to Competing Abroad: Horticulture in India.  Prepared in response to a request from the Government of India.
    • Helped to enhance trade policy-making and negotiating capacity in developing countries through a variety of training and collaborative research-based activities, which resulted in the OUP publications, India and the WTO, and The Handbook of Services Trade.

  • Paulo S. R. Bastos

    • Rainfall shocks and import tariffs - Identified tradeoffs involved in the use of trade policy for mitigating the impacts of rainfall shortages on domestic welfare. Examined effects of rainfall shocks on agricultural import tariffs in LAC, Africa and Asia.
    • Impacts of drought in Brazil - Estimated the impacts of drought on agricultural value added and income of Brazilian municipalities.

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