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Aaditya Mattoo

nullAaditya Mattoo specializes in trade policy analysis, especially in services, and the operation of the WTO. He can provide operational support and advice to client governments in the following areas:

  • National trade policy reform
  • Reform of services trade policy
  • Regional and multilateral cooperation on trade in services
  • Developing services trade capacity

More information on Aaditya Mattoo’s research and background

Contact Aaditya Mattoo at or extension 87611


Examples of Cross-Support provided:

  • Services Trade, Policy Reform and International Negotiations

    • Brazil's Services Trade and International Trade Negotiations. Explored how Brazil can use the regional and multilateral negotiations in services to support domestic reform and improve access to foreign markets.

    • Services Trade and Development: The Experience of Zambia. Task managed a team to fulfill a request from the Government of Zambia for a comprehensive analysis of its services sectors.  Established a framework for collaboration between DECRG, the Trade Department, country economists and Bank staff dealing with specific services sectors.

    • Sustaining India’s Services Revolution. Task managed a major trade project in India (fulfilling a mandate from the Ministry of Commerce) to analyze the implications of trade policy reform at home and abroad.  Led to the report Domestic Regulation and the Global Movement of Skilled Professionals:  A Case Study of Indian Professionals in the United States.

    • Assessing Trade Policy in Services in Southern Africa. Implemented a survey of country-level trade policies in telecommunications, finance, transport, retail and professional services, prepared in response to a request from governments in the region, including South Africa's.

    • Developing Markets for Professional Services in East Africa. Analyzed the development of markets for professional skills in Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda and how regional cooperation can help.  Also prepared a chapter for Mozambique's CEM.

  • Other Areas of Trade Policy

    • From Competition at Home to Competing Abroad: Horticulture in India. Prepared in response to a request from the Government of India.

  • Trade Capacity Building

    • Helped to enhance trade policy-making and negotiating capacity in developing countries through a variety of training and collaborative research-based activities, which resulted in the OUP publications, India and the WTO, and The Handbook of Services Trade.

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