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Ana Margarida Fernandes

nullAna M. Fernandes’ work has focused on the firm-level analysis of the determinants of productivity, innovation, and quality upgrading in manufacturing and services sectors in Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America. Her current expertise is suited to provide cross-support in the areas of:

  • Microeconomics of export growth
  • Entrepreneurship in trade
  • Impact evaluation of trade and private sector interventions
  • Determinants of productivity, innovation and firm survival
  • Professional services, trade and domestic regulations liberalization

More information on Ana M. Fernandes’ research and background

Contact Ana at or extension 33983 


Examples of Cross-Support provided:

  • Microeconomics of Export Growth

    • Export Entrepreneurship in LAC. Comparative analysis of the dynamics of export entrepreneurship across Latin American countries.

    • Fuel Prices and Export Competitiveness in Africa. Analysis of the relationship between oil price increases and export competitiveness in Africa.

    • Sources of Growth from Emerging Sectors. Comparative analysis of exporter performance in the agricultural and textile sectors in Peru vis-à-vis exporters in other Latin American countries.

  • Professional Services, Trade and Domestic Regulations Liberalization

    • Reform and Regional Integration of Professional Services in East Africa. Analyzed the development of markets for accounting, engineering and legal services in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda and how regional integration and cooperation can help.

    • Developing Services in Southern Africa - How Regional Integration Can Help? Examined the domestic markets for professional services in SADC countries. Also prepared a chapter for Mozambique's CEM. 

    • Can Kenya become a global exporter of business services? In-depth study of exporters of business services in Kenya, including their export strategy, the challenges faced related to the regulation of services, trade policy, infrastructure, and labor mobility. 

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