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Paulo S. R. Bastos



Paulo Bastos has just joined our unit. His research focuses on the implications of international economic integration for labor markets and firms’ performance.  His current expertise is suited to provide cross-support in the areas of:

  • Labor market impacts of globalization
  • Linkages between migration and trade
  • Effects of trade and FDI policies on firm and industry performance
  • Dynamics of trade patterns


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Examples of analytical work he has produced:

  • Specialization dynamics, export performance and the labor market impacts of globalization:

    • Export diversification in LAC. Comparative analysis of the dynamics of export diversification across products and markets in LAC countries.
    • Labor market impacts of globalization. Examined the effects of tariff cuts and exchange rate movements on labor market outcomes in Chile. Analyzed the impact of real exchange rate movements on collective bargaining in Portugal.
    • Export performance in Portugal. Explored the role of the specialization pattern, international competition and relative price changes in driving export performance in Portugal.
    • Lisbon strategy for growth and jobs: Progress Report of Portugal. Assessed the design and implementation of product and labor market reforms, and explored their implications for cost competitiveness and export performance.

  • Climate shocks and trade policy:

    • Rainfall shocks and import tariffs. Identified tradeoffs involved in the use of trade policy for mitigating the impacts of rainfall shortages on domestic welfare. Examined effects of rainfall shocks on agricultural import tariffs in LAC, Africa and Asia.
    • Impacts of drought in Brazil. Estimated the impacts of drought on agricultural value added and income of Brazilian municipalities.

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