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Erhan Artuc

nullErhan Artuc’s work focuses on international trade policy and its effects on labor markets. His current expertise is suited to provide cross-support in the areas of:

  • Trade and welfare of workers
  • Sectoral  and occupational mobility of workers
  • Trade and unemployment
  • Wages and human capital
  • Trade policy and income distribution
  • Migration

More information on Erhan Artuc’s research and background

Contact Erhan at or extension 84742


Examples of Cross-Support provided:

  • Trade Shocks and Labor Markets

    • A Mapping of Labor Mobility Costs in the Developing World. Analysis of sectoral relocation of workers driven by wage differentials. Simulation of trade policy shocks and their affects on labor markets. This is a comparative study of many developing countries using the United Nations International Development Organization data.

    • Trade Shocks and Labor Mobility: A Structural Analysis of Four Developing Countries.
      Analysis of the adjustment of workers to trade shocks and the effects of these on short run and long run wages, and on the transition of labor between sectors. This project utilizes labor market surveys. Countries analyzed: Turkey, Indonesia, Mexico and Morocco.

    • Analysis of recent labor mobility trends in Costa Rica (within and out of the formal sectors) using social security records.

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