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Trade Costs and Facilitation [...continued]

WPS5515Do private inspection programs affect trade facilitation ?Velea, Irina; Cadot, Olivier; Wilson, John S.2010/12
WPS5261Export performance and trade facilitation reform : hard and soft infrastructurePortugal-Perez, Alberto; Wilson, John S.2010/04
WPS5214Distance and regionalization of trade for low-income countriesCarrere, Celine; de Melo, Jaime; Wilson, John2010/02
WPS5128Time as a determinant of comparative advantageLi , Yue; Wilson, John S.2009/11
WPS5064Aid for trade facilitationHelble, Matthias; Mann, Catherine; Wilson, John S.2009/09
WPS4916Beyond the information technology agreement : harmonization of standards and trade in electronicsPortugal-Perez, Alberto; Reyes, Jose-Daniel ; Wilson, John S.2009/04
WPS4911Weathering the storm : investing in port infrastructure to lower trade costs in East AsiaAbe, Kazutomo; Wilson, John S.2009/04
WPS4848Assessing the impact of political economy factors on rules of origin under NAFTAPortugal-Perez, Alberto2009/02
WPS4790Expanding trade within Africa : the impact of trade facilitationNjinkeu, Dominique; Wilson, John S.; Fosso, Bruno Powo2008/12
WPS4731Governance, corruption, and trade in the Asia Pacific regionAbe, Kazutomo; Wilson, John S.2008/09

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