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Trade Policy Research

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nullThe World Bank trade policy research consists of three main areas:  (i) measurement of trade policy and their impacts on trade flows and GDP;  (ii) documenting temporary trade barriers;  (iii) the trend and impact of trade agreements and regionalism.

Overall Trade Restrictiveness Index
The Overall Trade Restrictiveness Index (OTRI) summarizes the trade policy stance of a country by calculating the uniform tariff that will keep its overall imports at the current level when the country in fact has different tariffs for different goods.  More >>

World Bank Temporary Trade Barriers Database
The Temporary Trade Barriers Database (TTBD) website hosts newly collected, freely available, and detailed data on more than thirty different national governments’ use of policies such as antidumping (AD), global safeguards (SG), China-specific transitional safeguard (CSG) measures, and countervailing duties (CVD). The information provided in this detailed data base will cover over 95% of the global use of these particular import-restricting trade remedy instruments. More >>

Trade Agreements and Regionalism
Regional agreements have proliferated in recent years. Recent World Bank research focuses on understanding the effect of regional agreements on the external liberalization of member countries.  It also examines deeper integration in services, standards and labor markets.




Working Papers

  • Complete list of Working Papers is located in the Library at the bottom of the page.




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WPS6393Food price volatility and domestic stabilization policies in developing countriesGouel, Christophe2013/03
WPS6132Agriculture and trade opportunities for Tanzania : past volatility and future climate changeAhmed , Syud Amer; Diffenbaugh, Noah S.; Hertel, Thomas W.; Martin, William J.2012/07
WPS6108Guide to the services trade restrictions databaseBorchert, Ingo; Gootiiz, Batshur; Mattoo, Aaditya2012/06
WPS6109Policy barriers to international trade in services : evidence from a new databaseBorchert, Ingo; Gootiiz, Batshur; Mattoo, Aaditya2012/06
WPS6103The risks of innovation : are innovating firms less likely to die ?Fernandes, Ana M.; Paunov, Caroline2012/06

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