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Trade Policy Research [...continued]

WPS5942Landlocked or policy locked ? how services trade protection deepens economic isolationBorchert, Ingo; Gootiiz, Batshur; Grover, Arti; Mattoo, Aaditya2012/01
WPS5928Reducing distortions in international commodity markets : an agenda for multilateral cooperationHoekman, Bernard; Martin, Will2012/01
WPS5948Services reform and manufacturing performance : evidence from IndiaArnold, Jens Matthias; Javorcik, Beata; Lipscomb, Molly; Mattoo, Aaditya2012/01
WPS5946Surviving the global financial crisis : foreign ownership and establishment performanceAlfaro, Laura; Chen, Maggie Xiaoyang2012/01
WPS5897China and the world trading systemMattoo, Aaditya; Subramanian, Arvind2011/12
WPS5909Economic integration in the lower Congo region : opening the Kinshasa-Brazzaville bottleneckBrulhart, Marius; Hoppe, Mombert2011/12
WPS5877Impact evaluation of trade interventions : paving the wayCadot, Olivier; Fernandes, Ana M.; Gourdon, Julien; Mattoo, Aaditya2011/11
WPS5886International trade and inclusive growth : a primer for busy policy analystsLederman, Daniel2011/11
WPS5843Income distribution, product quality, and international tradeFajgelbaum, Pablo; Grossman, Gene M.; Helpman, Elhanan2011/10
WPS5752Learning from developing country experience : growth and economic thought before and after the 2008-09 crisisHarrison, Ann; Sepulveda, Claudia2011/08

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