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International Migration and Development [...continued]

WPS5395Experimental approaches in migration studiesMcKenzie, David; Yang, Dean2010/08
WPS5394The economic consequences of "brain drain" of the best and brightest: microeconomic evidence from five countriesGibson, John ; McKenzie, David 2010/08
WPS4891Career placement of skilled migrants in the U.S. labor market : a dynamic approachNeagu, Ileana Cristina2009/04
WPS4827Measuring skilled migration rates : the case of small statesDocquier, Frederic; Schiff, Maurice2009/01
WPS4828North-south trade-related technology diffusion, brain drain and productivity growth : are small states different ?Schiff, Maurice; Wang, Yanling2009/01
WPS4826The regional dimension of north-south trade-related R&D spilloverSchiff, Maurice; Wang, Yanling2009/01
WPS4616Migration, sorting and regional inequality : evidence from BangladeshShilpi, Forhad2008/05
WPS4586Determinants of remittances : recent evidence using data on internal migrants in VietnamNiimi, Yoko; Pham, Thai Hung; Reilly, Barry2008/04
WPS4593Medical migration : what can we learn from the UK's perspective ?Rutten, Martine2008/04
WPS4598The challenge of reducing international trade and migration barriersAnderson, Kym; Winters, L. Alan2008/04

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