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Trade and Integration Research in the News

Radio Sputnik 
Washington, DC

July 25, 2016: Audio interview with Aaditya Mattoo on how to confront protectionism and better manage globalization

Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond4th quarter 2015: Goodbye, Globalization? Why trade growth has slowed down — and what it might mean for the global economy
The EconomistJuly 4, 2015: Terrorism will slow growth, but Tunisia’s economy has deeper problems
The New York TimesJune 25, 2015: Widespread Graft Benefited Tunisian Leader’s Family, Study Says

February 22, 2015New Study Proves that Every Man Doesn’t Have His Price by Eric Pianin

The Economist

Dec. 13, 2014: A troubling trajectory
Fears are growing that trade’s share of the world’s GDP has peaked. But that is far from certain
From the print edition.

The Economist

Oct. 11, 2014: Friends in high places: How cronyism undermines growth, jobs and competition 
“Using data that have only come to light since the Arab Spring, World Bank economists have conducted a uniquely detailed study of the damage that crony capitalism does to an economy. Its findings suggest that, among Egypt's medium-sized and large firms, the politically connected ones made 60% of all the profits in 2010. Yet their share of the economy was far smaller and they provided only 11% of private-sector employment.”
Read the article | Access the study.

Financial Times

Jun. 26, 2014: "World Bank: Emerging Nations Have Borne Brunt of Protectionism" (Financial Times)


The Economist

Jun. 26, 2014:Has the developed world stopped waging trade wars?” The Washington Post (Wonkblog)

The Wall Street Journal

Jun. 26, 2014:Creeping Global Protectionism? Not So Fast, World Bank Says.” 


Aug. 6, 2013: The World Bank and the WTO have agreed to jointly develop and maintain a database on trade in services. It covers sectors in more than 100 countries.
World Bank Press release

The Economist

Feb. 2, 2013China, India and Climate Change: Emerging Markets are a Big Part of the Problem; They are Essential to Any Solution

Financial Times

Nov. 19, 2012: "Role Reversal Will Slow Climate Change" (requires subscription).

The Indian Express

Nov. 2, 2012: "Who’s Thinking of Services Reform?


May 21, 2012: "Protectionism Did Not Materialize in 2008 Recession," by Chad Bown.


The Wall Street Journal

Jan. 31, 2011:  "Trade Keeps Growing, Despite Stalled Global Talks."


The Economist 

Aug. 5, 2010:  "The Recovery in Trade Defying Gravity and History."

Reuters Spanish

Jul. 19, 2010:  "Protectionism Barely Affected Trade."


The Economist

May 10, 2010:  "The Economist Debate - Fair Trade" by Aaditya Mattoo



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